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 Fan fiction:
"The New Avengers" fan-adventures, "Overtime" and "Dinner for Four"
 R-rated drama/comedy/romance about "Starsky and Hutch," final episode-style: "Blue Metal Luck"
Heart's Last Fire: PG-13 sequel to "Miami Vice"'s episode about Rico's son.
All works with star icons are in pre-publication.


The Magnum Shotz Mysteries, a quartet of private detective novellas 
"An econotour", travel spec script
"Underground Playground", infomercial spoof
"P.F. Express", R-rated infomercial spoof 
"Femivision", variety show spec script
"If No One Answers, Hang Up", 101 Halloween tributes to Alfred Hitchcock
"My Semester at Sea"
See Storyhouse's list for 2002 under red and green heading of "Travel Stories" under my name in very small-print list at bottom of webpage
"Chops for the Blues",
listed under my name in newsletter 53's index; must suscribe to read, editor's rule
True Love:
*Baba Love: novel for 201?
*"Me and Mr. J"
*Not Everything Stays in Vegas" (or The Nanny and the Rock Star)
*Chrysalis: trilogy for 2024
"Snow and Roses"
"Sometimes I think"
"Spider in the Sun"
"Summer '78"
"So what?"
*"The Moon and the Starfish"
"By My Own Hands"
Trivial Pursuits:
"The Tale of Pura's Wings"  



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